Photo by Nathan Myhrvold


Photo by Nathan Myhrvold

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Why does Nathan have his own website?

Given Nathan’s various interests and the content associated with them, it was time to create a dedicated vessel to contain all of this information. If you are looking for something specific and don’t find it here, please send a note to  This site will be updated regularly with new information. Don't forget to visit the websites of Modernist Cuisine, Intellectual Ventures and the Intellectual Ventures Lab.

I need to schedule an interview or a meeting with Nathan. How can I do that?

If you are a member of the media and your request relates to Nathan personally or his work with Intellectual Ventures, the best way to arrange this is by emailing If your request relates to Nathan and/or Modernist Cuisine, however, please use the submission form at

Does Nathan read or reply to the emails sent to him?

Nathan receives hundreds if not thousands of emails a day. While he does his best to read each one, replying to all of them just isn’t possible. If you have an urgent request, please follow the instructions on the contact page for the best way to get his attention.

I have a great idea and I want Nathan to file a patent on it for me. Where can I send my idea?

Patent-related inquiries should be directed to Intellectual Ventures. You can find information on that company’s Contact Us page.

Where can I find a photo of Nathan for editorial use?

If you need artwork relating to Modernist Cuisine, please check out the book project’s newsroom. If this request relates to Nathan’s work at Intellectual Ventures, please check out that company’s newsroom.  If this is a general request, please send an email to and include the reason for the request.

I’d like Nathan to sponsor my event or donate to my cause. Can you please tell me where to send the request?

At this time, he is not seeking new sponsorship requests or additional causes to support.

How much does Nathan charge to speak at an event?

Nathan typically doesn’t accept payment for public speaking engagements.

How can I schedule Nathan to speak at my event?

Nathan considers every speaking opportunity presented to him, but he is unable to accommodate every request. Please follow the instructions on the contact page to ensure you receive a speedy response to your request.

Featured Affiliations and Awards
  • James Beard Award Winner
  • Grande Diplome, Ecole De La Varenne in Burgundy
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