Photo by Nathan Myhrvold


Photo by Nathan Myhrvold

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15 September 2011

An audience with the King of the Patent Trolls

Nathan Myhrvold, the CEO of Intellectual Ventures, has become the face of patent litigation in the tech space. He told Fortune why his business is good.

02 July 2010

Inside Nathan Myhrvold’s Mysterious New Idea Machine

A rocket scientist, a mathematician, a brain surgeon, and a lawyer walk into a room. It sounds like the beginning of a joke, but at Intellectual Ventures it's something more serious—a business model.

28 May 2010

‘These Problems Can Be Solved’

The word “polymath” was invented for a man like Nathan Myhrvold, who earned a Ph.D. in theoretical physics by age 23, studied with Stephen Hawking, made millions as Microsoft’s chief technology officer, and has lectured on topics as diverse as barbecuing and paleontology. Today he’s best known as a founder of Intellectual Ventures, a scientific think tank working on solutions to the world’s thorniest problems—including global warming. NEWSWEEK’s Fareed Zakaria spoke with him about alternative energy and geoengineering.

20 December 2009

Solving Global Warming with Nathan Myhrvold - Transcript

We have a fascinating show for you today, a conversation with an extraordinary man about an important topic. I'm speaking with Nathan Myhrvold about his revolutionary idea to solve global warming.

28 January 2009

Inventing the future

Nathan Myhrvold *83 has one of the premier résumés of the digital age. He didn’t merely work in software; he founded Microsoft Research and spent 13 years as an all-purpose sage and eccentric genius at the side of Bill Gates.

16 September 2008

Transcript: Myhrvold of Intellectual Ventures

WSJ's Amol Sharma sat down with Nathan Myhrvold, founder and CEO of Intellectual Ventures, at his Bellevue, Wash., headquarters. They discussed going to court to enforce patents, targeting the company's own investors for patent infringement and the return curve on nuclear reactor technology.

26 August 2008

With Intellectual Ventures, Nathan Myhrvold Out to Create “Invention Capital” Industry—and Stop Hurricanes, Malaria, and Global Warming in the Process (Part 2)

Yesterday, we ran the first half of a sit-down interview with Nathan Myhrvold, cofounder and CEO of Intellectual Ventures, the Bellevue, WA-based invention laboratory and investment firm. Myhrvold, the former CTO of Microsoft (and an Xconomist), placed his current company’s goals in the context of venture capital and private equity, arguing that there is a real need to create what he calls an “invention capital” industry.

25 August 2008

With Intellectual Ventures, Nathan Myhrvold Out to Create “Invention Capital” Industry—and Reinvent Invention in the Process (Part 1)

This time last week, Nathan Myhrvold was sitting down with Bill Gates. Gates had just returned from the Olympics, where he had watched some high-profile ping-pong matches—a very hot ticket in China. The two former Microsoft colleagues were catching up, and their discussion turned to racquet sports, and the various technical differences between them.

12 May 2008

Annals of Innovation: In the Air

Nathan Myhrvold met Jack Horner on the set of the “Jurassic Park” sequel in 1996. Horner is an eminent paleontologist, and was a consultant on the movie. Myhrvold was there because he really likes dinosaurs. Between takes, the two men got to talking, and Horner asked Myhrvold if he was interested in funding dinosaur expeditions.

12 July 2007

Nathan Myhrvold on patent mongers and business

Myhrvold defends himself from those who call him "the most feared man in Silicon Valley."