Photo by Nathan Myhrvold


Photo by Nathan Myhrvold

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26 June 2006

Who’s afraid of Nathan Myhrvold?

"Some article called me the most feared man in Silicon Valley," he says. "Good Lord! Why? My teenage boys got a kick out of it: 'Dad, how could this be true? You're not even the most feared person in this house.' "

22 June 2006

The Godfather of Invention

In this week's podcast, BusinessWeek's executive editor, John Byrne, and senior writer, Michael Orey, discuss how snapping up thousands of patents can make Intellectual Ventures a leader in innovation -- or litigation.

20 October 2005

Voracious venture

When visitors walk into the headquarters of Intellectual Ventures, they come face to face with the full-size head of a Tyrannosaurus rex—the special-effects model used in the film “Jurassic Park II”. Is that a hint that the company wants to eat IT companies alive?

16 October 2005

Kitchen Voyeur: Mr. Machine

As he showed me around his best-equipped-in-the-universe kitchen, I half-expected Nathan Myhrvold to introduce himself as "Bond, James Bond." Myhrvold, the 46-year-old former chief technology officer for Microsoft, left the the company in 2000 with well over $100 in his pocket in order to roam the world with his wife and twin teenage boys.

28 September 2003

Boston Globe: Myhrvold aims to reinvent the spirit of inventing

Nathan P. Myhrvold, the frenetic and intellectually versatile founder of Microsoft Research, may turn out to be the Thomas Edison or Edwin Land of his generation.

01 June 2002

Myhrvold’s Exponential Economy

Microsoft's former technology chief is branching out. He's looking for industries where efficiencies multiply every couple of years--in infotech, sure, but biology too.

01 May 2002

The Invention Factory

Nathan Myhrvold created Microsoft's research group and left with a vast fortune. Now he's created his own organization to keep innovation humming.

08 August 2001

Why the New Economy is far from dead

We love to curse the New Economy. Oh, do we feel betrayed. All that Internet stuff — look where it got us. Laid off. Bankrupt. Thinking Krispy Kreme is a hot investment opportunity.