Photo by Nathan Myhrvold


Photo by Nathan Myhrvold

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06 February 2014

The 20-year-old Microsoft memo that came true

Reuters columnist Jack Schafer revisits Nathan's 1993 “Road Kill on the Information Highway” memo recommending that the software & hardware industry take note of Nathan's “timeless” predictions about the exponential effects of modern technology.

21 November 2013

Charlie Rose Talks to Nathan Myhrvold

Charlie Rose asks Nathan about Microsoft's future, Google and the patent landscape in his latest interview.

13 October 2013

The Memo That Spawned Microson Research—Analysis and Download

In a 2-part series on the origins of Microson Research, Xconomy’s founder, CEO and editor-in-chief, Bob Buderi, examines the founding memo wrieen by Nathan Myhrvold for Bill Gates in 1991.

03 April 2013

Nathan Myhrvold Answers Your Questions

Nathan sits down and discusses everything from patents to cooking to dinosaurs with the Slashdot community.

16 April 2012

Inside Nathan Myhrvold’s office: The ultimate ‘geekspace’

Recently we invited GeekWire readers to tweet us photos of their “geekspaces” — the places where they really get in the zone. Writer and photographer Annie Laurie Malarkey, who takes pictures for our Geek of the Week feature, explained in the post that she was inspired by her past year of photographing smart people in their work environments, and she wanted to see more.

14 April 2012

How former Microsoft tech chief Nathan Myhrvold could have created the iPhone

Nathan Myhrvold is back in the national spotlight again, but in a very different way this time.

03 April 2012

Nathan Myhrvold: Intellectual Ventures is in ‘the miracle business’

Nathan Myhrvold has a model of a T-Rex dinosaur in his living room, thinks natural gas will not help reduce carbon emissions and believes that his company, Intellectual Ventures, is in the miracle business.

15 September 2011

An audience with the King of the Patent Trolls

Nathan Myhrvold, the CEO of Intellectual Ventures, has become the face of patent litigation in the tech space. He told Fortune why his business is good.

02 July 2010

Inside Nathan Myhrvold’s Mysterious New Idea Machine

A rocket scientist, a mathematician, a brain surgeon, and a lawyer walk into a room. It sounds like the beginning of a joke, but at Intellectual Ventures it's something more serious—a business model.

28 May 2010

‘These Problems Can Be Solved’

The word “polymath” was invented for a man like Nathan Myhrvold, who earned a Ph.D. in theoretical physics by age 23, studied with Stephen Hawking, made millions as Microsoft’s chief technology officer, and has lectured on topics as diverse as barbecuing and paleontology. Today he’s best known as a founder of Intellectual Ventures, a scientific think tank working on solutions to the world’s thorniest problems—including global warming. NEWSWEEK’s Fareed Zakaria spoke with him about alternative energy and geoengineering.