Photo by Nathan Myhrvold


Photo by Nathan Myhrvold

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30 November 2018

Modernist Cuisine’s New Seattle Gallery Features Local Washington Farmlands

Images from Washington currently on display include two broad landscapes of the Palouse farming region in Eastern Washington and a four-hour exposure of a red wine glass at night with the stars circling overhead, shot at Leonetti Cellars’ vineyard in Walla Walla. Two additional Palouse landscapes are waiting in the wings

30 November 2018

Hungry for art? Nathan Myhrvold’s new Modernist Cuisine Gallery is a photographic feast

Nathan Myhrvold calls himself the worst bartender in the world. He spills every drink he makes — and sometimes he does it with a purpose. That purpose would be art.

29 November 2018

New gallery for food lovers is opening in downtown Seattle

Modernist Cuisine's new Seattle gallery features founder Nathan Myhrvold's unique food photographs. Host Martha Larson interviews Nathan about the innovative ways he creates his stunning images.

18 November 2018

Feast for the Eyes

David Pogue interviews Nathan for this segment headlined "Picture perfect: Nathan Myhrvold's eye-popping pictures of food"

22 August 2018

Two (Totally Opposite) Ways to Save the Planet

The environmentalists say we’re doomed if we don’t drastically reduce consumption. The technologists say that human ingenuity can solve just about any problem. A debate that’s been around for decades has become a shouting match. Is anyone right?

15 June 2018

Tech titan Nathan Myhrvold revisits NASA asteroid argument in peer-reviewed paper

Nathan Myhrvold is back, and this time he’s got peer review on his side. Two years ago, the Seattle tech pioneer tangled with NASA and the scientists behind an infrared sky survey mission known as NEOWISE, over a data set that cataloged the characteristics of more than 157,000 asteroids. In a lengthy assessment, Myhrvold said the NEOWISE team had made flawed and misleading correlations between the brightness and the size of asteroids.

15 June 2018

Asteroid battle: Tech entrepreneur doubles down on critique of NASA mission

Nathan Myhrvold argues that the scientific approach of the landmark NEOWISE space-rock mission is deeply flawed.

14 June 2018

Asteroids and Adversaries: Challenging What NASA Knows About Space Rocks

Two years ago, NASA dismissed and mocked an amateur’s criticisms of its asteroids database. Now Nathan Myhrvold is back, and his papers have passed peer review.

20 March 2018

Modernist Bread Authors Nathan Myhrvold and Francisco Migoya Announce Their Next Book, "Modernist Pizza," Will Be the Most Comprehensive Pizza Cookbook to Date

The team behind the award-winning "Modernist Bread" book announced the subject matter and name of their next book: "Modernist Pizza." The announcement was made during an event at Modernist Cuisine Gallery in The Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace, held the first day of the International Pizza Expo.

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14 May 2017

Inside the Invention Factory of Polymath Nathan Myhrvold

This confidant of Bill Gates wants to reinvent how inventions are born. He created a huge patent library and a “start-up factory” that has produced prototypes of nuclear reactors, antennas and radars, but also 900 new bread recipes...

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